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We educate and improve people's knowledge about life situations where conversation and understanding are something more.

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Let the dialogue flow without worry or hindrance

Anna-Karin Byström

“All people communicate, and it is very satisfying when we all find harmony. The expression of culture lies in the core values of our integrity!”

We educate, develop & coach

DC Consulting is an educational company that is driven by conveying knowledge and to further develop individuals, groups and organisations. 

With communication as the main tool, DC Consulting offers communication solutions, classes and analysations in the intercultural communication arena, organisational developments, integration- and migration processes as well as environmental communication. 

We mainly focus on the board of directors and employers within big- and medium-sized companies and organisations.

Areas we work with

Intercultural communication
What happens and how shall a dialogue be carried out when different cultures meet?
International Relations
To move to an other country, work in another country and also build relations in an other country is not always easy.
Intercultural competence
Good advice and experience is highly regarded in many situations when different cultures meet.
Business culture
Business and culture goes hand in hand. There’s many failures and questions marks that needs to be solved.
Communicative leadership
Anyone can be a leader no matter the position in an organisation, it's all about the right communication.
Conflict management
When the going gets tough and a deep breath won’t cut it, how do we handle that?
Conversation techniques
It's not always easy or even standard practice that conversations with clients or employees are easy. Knowing some conversation techniques can really help along the way.
Employee review
The dialogue between people in the organisation should be fruitful, but more often turns difficult.
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How we help with culture & communication

  • the internal dialogue becomes more effective through increased communication- and culture knowledge
  • the development of communicative leadership for a stronger organisation
  • the integration of recently arrived refugees into the Swedish community
  • an understanding for other cultures and how your possibilities of making business deals with clients overseas improves
  • create changeable communication, so that you employees grows with you, rather than away from you
  • make it easier for employees with a different background to feel at home and stay
  • consultative development of people

DC Consulting

Communication is the way forward! We help companies and organisations with intercultural competence, education and cultural understanding.
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