Intercultural competence

Knowledge and experience into the world of cultures

Gathered understanding from the depth of cultures

Intercultural competence is something we can develop, it is more of an endeavor and nothing where one should consider oneself perfect or finished “learning”. The competence in intercultural relation creates perspective in life. When we are cast into a culture, it’s not always easy to understand why some cultures actually work the way they work.

From the perspective of an international collaboration, and a multicultural society - its not always evident how a culture operates. When culture shocks occurs the intercultural competence is paramount.

Dialogues, body language, customs, and viewpoints are different in every country. A feeling of approaching this is a fantastic skill.
In summary

Intercultural competence

Inter in intercultural means the ‘relation between’. That means it is the understanding between expressions and the context in relation to culture.

Courses, lectures & coaching

We help personell, companies and organisations to be more competence within the intercultural aspect. 

Everything from courses, lecturers, or coaching of people who just needs that little bit of extra push into the cultural changes.

With our unique concept that combines both lecturers with insight into both Sweden and the country the speaker originates from, a deeper understanding is given of the issues that may be important to know in closer business-related contacts.
We adapt

Needs are different, and we adjust based on your specific needs

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Intercultural competence to your disposal

Are you on the verge of cultural challenges? Use our help by utilising our competence and our consultants. They can support, explain, and educate from a much more deeper plane, with both practical examples and theory.

Intercultural competence is something we learn and cultivate along the way, it permeates from life’s experience, events, and tales from people. 

When we share our understanding and our stories we create better opportunities, for a better community.

DC Consulting

Communication is the way forward! We help companies and organisations with intercultural competence, education and cultural understanding.
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