To communicate & act in different business cultures

“Att trampa i klaveret” can be difficult to translate
By understanding and knowing more about why communication clashes occur, you can more easily interpret actions and reactions in encounters with people from other cultures. It increases your opportunities to get your message across, which in turn leads to more efficient business. 

Our Swedish cultural background plays a very small role in an international perspective. The truth is that things can be interpreted in a variety of ways and our way of communicating verbally and with body language is interpreted differently depending on cultural background. 

For example, when you do business with companies from other countries, it can be good to keep track of what applies to language, relationship, handshake, gaze, etc.
In summary

Business culture

The emotional vision and management in a business in other countries.

Some bullet points about business culture 

  • language - effective or companionable?
  • relationships - shallow or deep?
  • handshake - firm or loose?
  • gaze - direct or avoiding?
  • contact with the opposite sex - equal or excluding?

Har Ni koll på detta eller känner du att du vill lära dig mer om hur just dina affärer med andra kulturer kan förbättras?

Kontakta oss för vidare diskussioner.


Quotes from the course “Understand other Business Cultures”

In connection with a training course at MacGregor Sweden AB
“A very positive aspect of the course was the balance between culture/behaviour in Asia and how Asians see us Swedes. Committed lecturer!"
“Only a positive experience for me, what was positive was her way of fascinating us listeners partly through her knowledge but also that she shared her own personal experiences, 3 hours just disappeared”
"Truly a very good and interesting lecture! Time passed quickly and you got one or two thoughts, not least about how we Swedes actually behave"

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