International Relations

How do relationships work in different cultures?

We meet something new in other countries

To start forming international relations takes time, and often brings challenges. It is not just about packing a bag and hoping for the best. When it comes to relocation of an employee plus his/her family, as well as outlocating an employee’s family to an other country - there are questions. How quickly can the newly arrived family feel at home? Are there some relations that can aid the feeling of feeling more at home more quickly? What prerequisites exist for a good and more efficient start in the new job? We help companies and organisations to:

  • guide, show, inform and give support to the organisations new employee in Sweden
  • give training in communication and cultural understanding with connections to their new home country
  • quickly receive help with practical issues, like moving to a different country
  • be able to give you an employee who has quickly emerged him/her self in their new culture, and has a family that is happy in their new home country.
In summary

International Relations

Understand more about cultures and how different it can be to nurture relations in different countries

Lectures, courses & coaching

There are many situations where a more informed mind resolves day to day issues easier. To understand cultures, countries, and business makes people less nervous, which then means they can then act more comfortably.

With our unique concept, you will find a combination of practical help and theory with insight into Sweden, as well as to/from where the move originates. This means a deeper understanding of the issues that may be important to know about moving to another country with a faster and more efficient adaptation.

Relationships & business culture

By understanding and being more aware of why culture shocks occurs, you will then be able to decipher actions and reactions in meetings and with people from different cultures in a much better way. That will enable your possibilities to get your message across, and in turn make a lucrative deal. 

The truth is that things can be interpreted in a million different way, the way we communicative verbally versus with our body language can be interpreted very differently, based on what culture you relate to. When making business with other countries, you will be aware of how to use:
  • language - effective or companionable?
  • relationships - shallow or deep?
  • handshake - firm or loose?
  • gaze - direct or avoiding?
  • contact with the opposite sex - equal or excluding?

If you feel that you might need to be more aware of the culture that you are doing business with, and how to improve that relationship - contact us for further information.

We adapt

Needs are different, and we adjust based on your specific needs

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In connection with a move, too Sweden or to an other country, a lot of moving pieces need to fit. Very often your new employee moves with their entire family, and that means that many parts need to fall into place. 

Housing, school, transportation, etc, are just a few of the factors that needs to be taken into account. DC Consulting works with relocation and you as a company in 4 steps, in order to ensure that all the pieces falls into place as smoothly as possible. They are:
  • “look-and-see” - a first visit prior to a possible hire
  • arrival - an introduction into the new society
  • housing - aiding in adapting into their new living quarters
  • leaving - allowing them to continue their journey
If you find this relocation service interesting, contact us for further discussion.

Intro to Sweden

Our Swedish cultural background plays a very small role from a global perspective. As a new employee with family and to arrive to Sweden is very seldom easy, that includes both the adaption to our business culture, as well as to our way of living in Sweden. 

An introduction to Sweden will enable your employees to adapt to the Swedish culture much more easily. A lot is quite unique in Sweden viewed from a global perspective;
  • allemansrätten (my right to travel on privat property in nature) and Swedes love for nature walks
  • the idea of consensus and everyones right to participate
  • “lagom” culture (no one is better than someone else) and the lack of boasting
  • mediabestämmanderätten (the right to be part of bigger decisions) and the importance of the union
  • the ficka culture (to always a lot time for coffee/tea and something sweet) and the meaning behind fika culture

These are just a few examples of what someone arriving to Sweden might meet for the first time. Questions that are not completely evident, but worth putting time and energy into for the wellbeing of your new employee and family. Contact us for further discussions.

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