Employee review

The challenging but also fun part of your profession

Even important conversations should be easy and simple

Employee review discussion are about how you as a manager/leader capture the needs, wishes, opportunities, problems and obstacles of your employees in terms of their development as well as them enjoying the job. 

It is also about how you as a manager/leader can motivate your employees to do better, grow at work, understand the context and their role in the workplace.

Conversations can sometimes be difficult, which can develop into rather bad conversations which is not desirable. When you need to further develop your employee review conversation, do you have a mentor, coach or a sounding board?
In summary

Employee review

The work life dialogue between the company and their employees

Hold employee reviews as a manager

You know your industry best, you know your organisation best. What are the requirements? What is expected in the professional role or how the development continues to strengthen your position. As a manager, you want to be clear about what the employee can expect without reducing motivation.

An employee review can be about salary, it can be about development or be a form of conflict management that has arisen in the workplace. As a manager, it is often a challenge to be the "lubricant" in the machinery, or in this case the conversation. It can develop a sort of facade that becomes heavy to carry. What are your challenges?
We adapt

Needs are different, and we adjust based on your specific needs

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A good & bad employee review

A conversation is all about the ability to communicate. This also includes listening, being able to deal with difficult conversations (such as conflicts or personal events), highlighting things that are beneficial to both parties, being able to see both perspectives, being able to enthuse and coach their employees.

For a of a good employee conversation, there needs to be an open joint dialogue, it gives courage as an employee to be able to make suggestion. The feeling of a bad employee conversation is the opposite. Here the dialogue is closed, perhaps very formal and one-sided. The employee is forced to listen and correct himself.

Since all organisations are different and have their own corporate culture, there is no script for a good or bad employee review. However, there are always people with abilities who dares or have wants. Do you feel the will but may not dare?

Course & training in employee reviews

What distinguishes our training is our knowledge in cultural communicational understanding. Multiculturalism has always existed, social culture, corporate culture, family culture, etc. On the other hand, culture is rare as a topic of conversation. Together with the understanding of communication, we set a perspective that creates a context in our educations.

The context comes from both knowledge and experience. It is also something we apply in education in the form of theoretical and practical examples. We always focus on the core, our own starting point. What do you think is important? What do you value? We then ask the other party to understand how to interpret and value the recipient in the dialogue.
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