Conversation techniques

A good dialogue

To formulate and vocalise can sometimes be a challenge

The ability to cary a conversation into a specific direction, or simply just having a human dialogue is not always a given. Depending on the situation a feeling of being uncomfortable is very common.

Before these sort of conversations, a lot of questions can be swirling around your head, and very often it's the unknown that is the scary part - rather than the actual conversation. It can be all sorts of conversations, with children, relatives, colleagues, or customer service. 

It can however, also be completely the opposite. You might need to have a professional meeting and that conversation can be just as daunting as emotional conversations/more personal conversations.
In summary

What are conversations techniques?

Its the ability to break down and cary a conversation

Course in conversation techniques

What about the technique in the conversation? Shall it flow, shall one avoid dangerous topics, shall it be directed into a specific direction? 

Our course in conversation techniques can be both general, or be tailored for your specific needs.

There are many steps, situations and tips that summarise the different techniques in a conversation. Whether it is in the hospitality industry, for employees in the customer service industry, or other professions - we help you and your organisation to become better at talking, manager or personell.
We adapt

Needs are different, and we adjust based on your specific needs

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Training in conversation techniques

We do host training courses in conversation techniques. When a longer, and more broad knowledge is needed, training is more favourable than just a course. Most often its several different meetings and can be carried out over a couple of weeks. 

Training in conversation techniques is built up in several steps, more details, more practical exercises and examples.

If you are interested, contact us and we will have a conversation about requests with further details and make arrangements.

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