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Interkulturell Kommunikation Bok

Intercultural communication

Anna-Karin has written a book about Intercultural Communication, full with educational information about the subject, with models and tools in how to better understand the subject.

The book is published via Book Boon and can be read right away digitally. Do let us know if you are interested in a printed copy.
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Taste & stories about the homeland

The project "Taste & stories about the homeland" was arranged by Örnsköldsvik's Chinese Association where Anna-Karin is a board member. Together with Värdsklass Örnsköldsvik, the goal was to gather as many ethnic/national associations in Örnsköldsvik in a joint project with food and stories as a common theme. 11 associations participated, over 200 guests came, ate and watched the recorded video of all participating countries' stories about their homeland.
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Slutrapport Starta Eget

Preliminary study: Start your own company - in beginner Swedish

The project 'Start your own business courses for new Swedes' aims to persuade recently arrived entrepreneurs to Sweden with PUT to start their own business, regardless of business concept.  Even if the motivation to start and run a company is often high among new arrivals, the knowledge of the conditions (regulations and Swedish business culture) that apply in Sweden for starting and running a company is not always so great.
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2017 02 27 Forstudie Integration Matchning Foretag

Preliminary study: Integration - match companies with newly arrived entrepreneurs via PUT

What conditions must be met for small and medium-sized enterprises to employ new arrivals who have a permanent residence permit? In the study, entrepreneurs were interviewed in depth - and then with a special focus on small and medium-sized companies in Bredbyn, Björna, Bjästa, Husum and the surrounding area around central Örnsköldsvik.
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Winnet Genusmedvetet

Gender-conscious leadership, the journey from non-issue to growth issue

With this preliminary study, we want to lay the foundation for
an implementation project that means to integrate gender mainstreaming in companies and organisations in Västernorrland.

The purpose of the preliminary study was to develop a process model where information about
gender mainstreaming is in focus as well as initiating discussions with companies and
organisations on how they can increase growth by integrating gender equality.
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Identifiera Forutsattningarna

Identify the right conditions to secure a successful recruitment of employees with an international background

The purpose of this preliminary study is to identify the needs of the companies and organisations that choose to recruit an international staff - and how a successful move-in/move-with model should look like. In addition, the study also examines the needs of the recruited staff when moving in.
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Towards Commitment

Towards commitment or resistance

Anna-Karins dissertations awarded her the title Philosophy Licentiate in Media and Communication Science. This dissertation addresses two of the most central issues in our modern society - namely change and communication. Empirically, it is based on a case study of a change process in a company that
completed extensive company acquisitions.
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DC Consulting

Communication is the way forward! We help companies and organisations with intercultural competence, education and cultural understanding.
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