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Intercultural communication is not a word that we use very often, especially in everyday jargon. However, its gained some momentum since it is extremely important to take in to consideration in order to learn how to avoid mishaps, or to simply create a more aware surrounding within it the cultural pattern that exits today.

When society, the world, and collaborations becomes more international , and more multicultural, it’s not straight forward how our cultures will work together. Culture shock is definitely not uncommon, and how to overlap our differences are not always easy to know.

Intercultural communication is just as much about the dialogue as it is about people, body language and expressions in text and imagery. 
In summary

Intercultural communication

Inter in intercultural means the ‘relation between’. That means that it is the understanding between expressions and context in relation to culture.

Intercultural education

Part of our offer within intercultural communication are courses and analysis. International companies and organisations with a diverse cultural employee pool knows the importance of cultural understanding. A course usually entails:

  • better insight into cultural differences and similarities
  • a better understanding of your company as a whole, as well as a better understanding of different cultures
  • a broader understanding and awareness of the meaning of cultural importance when doing international business
  • tools to be more effective in your communication with people from different countries and from different cultures

Intercultural lectures

Our lectures within intercultural communication has unique concepts with a combination of speakers with Swedish insight, as well as the country they are referring to in their lecture. That gives a deeper understanding into the questions that are more important and good to be aware of when refereeing to business related relations.

You will also get a much deeper understanding into who the person holding the lecture is and where they come from; where the person has lived, and understand the nuances that colors their culture.

Further develop you and your organisations understanding into the area of intercultural communication.
We adapt

Needs are different, and we adjust based on your specific needs

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Quotes from people partaking in the course “Cross culture communication”

Community College course for international sales reps from Folkuniversitet in Umeå
“A very instructive course with interesting content. Good pedagogical approach”
“Extremely grateful for this course and I believe that I have not only earned a grade in a class, but rather learnt something useful in life! A real eye opener”
“A very good speaker. Very pedagogical, a lot of repetions, anecdotes, practical examples. A grade A course”

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